How Question Hub Collects Questions 2021 | How To Add Own Questions to Question Hub | What is Google Question Hub?

How Question Hub Collects Questions? or How To Add Own Questions to Question Hub:

Do you know exactly what your readers want and which topic they are searching more? In order to give answers to your readers according to them, first of all you have to know what is Google Question Hub? And why is Google Question Hub necessary? How to create account on Google Question hub? and many other questions related to Question Hub By Google.

What is Question Hub?

What is Question Hub

Actually Question Hub is a product of google.You can find all of the questions which asked many times or which haven't any answer this time.The main Objective of launching Question Hub was to answer such questions which are not yet available on Google.If you are thinking about starting a new blog, then you can take the help of Google Question Hub. You will find such questions in this tool, on which no content is written. Since Google Question Hub is a tool of Google itself, then it is absolutely free tool for both Blogger and Publisher.Also google introduce the
new interface of Question Hub in July 2021.

How to Create account in Question Hub?

So, now you know What is Question Hub and Why it was started.But do you know How to create account in Question Hub For Free? No?,Let me tell you.There is no special requirement for Creating question Hub account.

Note: The main thing to be noted here is use same Email which you are using in your Google Search Console Account.It is necessary to use the same Email Id here as well, because you can share only the website links that are verified from Search console.As well as you can track the performance like impression and clicks of your submitted article links.

  • First of all Goto Question Hub⇗ website.
  • Click on signup.
  • Choose your google account which is associated with your search console.
  • Click on allow button.Make sure you have ticked on "Remember approval for next 30 days"
  • As you click on allow you will redirected to New Question Hub 2021 page. 

How To Connect Your Blog/Website to Question Hub?

First thing you need to do after creating your account in Question Hub is to Connect Your site to Question Hub. Follow these steps↡
  • Click On Avatar Icon.
  • Goto settings.
  • Under the SITES setting option.
  • Turn ON for your Blog which articles you want to submit in Question Hub.

How Question Hub Collects Questions?

So i have researched almost everywhere even Question hub's Official FAQ but there is no data available for How Question Hub Collects data or questions.If you will goto their official FAQ page Here⇗ they will say you following.

"We collect unanswered user questions using a variety of different methods. These unanswered user questions can come directly from users, so you may occasionally see misspellings or questions in which the user’s intent is unclear. We continue to explore other ways to find and surface the best unanswered questions from users so we can then share them with creators like you."

As you can read the statement this is unclear and inaccurate answer. But now I have understand How question hub collect questions and i have found a way to How to add your own question in Google Question Hub for free in 2021 😎.   

How To Add Own Questions to Question Hub?

There is no direct method to Add Your Questions To Question Hub.First of all you have to find a page look like this image:
How to add your question to question hub

Then You Can Fill your Question and click on Submit Button to Add Your Questions.

Questions Submission Page Visit Here⇗


The Following Important points to be noted here before submit your Question To Google's Question Hub.
  • Question Submittion Page will Only Open In Chrome Browser.
  • The Submit Page only open In Mobile.
  • Check back after one day or two to find your questions in Question Hub.
  • You have to search exactly same question in Question Hub otherwise it will not show.
  • If Your questions not available Submit Your Questions Again.
  • Do not Submit any sensitive information like password, your name, your email or other things.Because these questions are share with Advertisers and Publishers.

Features Of New Question Hub 2021?

Features of Question Hub

In July 2021, Question Hub Introduce a new interface. So i will explain Features of Question Hub and how to use them. 


In This feature you can Search Keyword or Questions every question you search comes with Its keywords ( starting with "#___" ). You can find more relevant question to the specific keywords. All the questions contains Save and Submit button. You can Submit your article By clicking on Submit button. 


Actually this feature is same like Save for later. All of your Saved questions will appears here you can answer these questions when you want or when you write an article on that topic.


The Third Feature of Question Hub is Performance. By using performance feature you can get detail information of your Submitted Articles like 
  • How many questions you have answered.
  • Search Impressions of your submitted articles
  • How many clicks you have get on your article's search impression.


By using this feature you can export all of the questions list in CSV format.

How to Submit Answer to Question Hub?

It is very easy process to Answer on Question Hub.
  • First of all you need to sign up for question hub. You can sign up by visiting Remember that use Your Search console gmail id for sign up in question hub.
  • After sign up you can see Homepage Of Question Hub.
  • After that click on Search. And search for a keywords or questions.
  • After that Click on Submit.
  • A pop-up Will open Paste your Article URL and click on submit button.

Benefit of using Question Hub in 2021

1. New bloggers will get the Ideas to start their blog through Question Hub.
2. Bloggers who are already blogging but their blog isn't rank well in the Google search engine. Then Question Hub will proven to be beneficial for them.
3. Old bloggers can also get their blog rank well in Google's search engine by taking new ideas from Question Hub.
4. With Question Hub, you can Increase Traffic on your website and also improve the quality of your content.
5. By Question Hub, you can answer the questions of users, they are searching on Google. With this you can gain the trust of the users.
6. Once users have trust on your website, then they themselves will come searching your website.


Thaks for being to the end. As you have learned in this article, what is Question Hub,how question hub collect questions, how to earn money from question hub, how to use question hub 2021 and features of question hub.

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions )

Q1. How do i earn money by using Question Hub

Google will not pay directly of using Question Hub. It is obvious that if more visitors come to your blog, then your earning will also be increase. Question Hub is only A tool That can help you to grow your site by Answering the question which aren't answered this time.

Q2. Where Question Hub Available in 2021

Google Question Hub is Not Available all over the Countries, it is only available in following country.
  • United State
  • India
  • Indonesia
  • Nigeria

Q3. Is new bloggers get approval of question hub?

Yes every one can get approval of Question Hub and use it for free.

Q4. How many days it takes to Google approve submitted answer in Question Hub?

There is no though process for getting approval on your submitted answer. Only thing is need to do is submit your relavent Answer.

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