Is Free Blogger/Wordpress Templates Safe | Are Blogger templates safe? | Is it good to use a free template for my blog?

Is It Good to use a free Template for my blog / Blogger or WordPress site?

Yes, Its is safe to using free blogger templates. May be Not Let me explain this in these parts.


What Is free Blogger or WordPress templates?

You have seen many of bloggers and WordPress templates are so costly but some websites or blogs provide you free templates. It is possible because some of template developers provide the free version of their website templates with less features for promoting and make users' use their templates and when it needed buy these.There are many authentic websites where you can find and download free templates safely.

What is the difference between a free and a paid blogger template?

As i know,In free templates the designer will encrypt the Code script to protect the source code and footer credit but this can be removed with some tools but I don't recommend this (respect the designer effort or else you should buy the theme).Premium templates would have bare scripts and sometimes have additional features like speed optimization, widgets and more schema.

Advantages of 3rd party free templates

There are many advantages of free blogger or wordpress templats
  • Free of cost
  • Good Looking
  • User Friendly

Disadvantages of 3rd party free templates

there were many disadvantages of free templates like
   It costs so high near about 10-20 dollar
   Risk of malware attack or hack
   Risk of data leakage without your knowing
   No support for any kinds of problems
   Poor coding or useless features

Advantages of Premium templates

There are lots of advantages of using premium templates like
  • No useless coding
  • No Malware or data leakage
  • Update To new versions
  • Full Support
  • Latest features and tools
  • Modern browser supportive

Which Should i choose?

As i describe its pros and cons of using free vs paid blogger or wordpress themes if your blog is new and you are new blogger i recommend you to use free blogger themes that have safe codes and no data leakages you can find lots of themes like median UI and more.
if you want to use median UI template download here for free.


As i describe above, many times it is not necessary to buy a theme there are lots of free themes that have no lots of cons.

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