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What Should You Do when your Adsense Account Disapprove and your appeal got rejected 2021?

What Should You Do when your Adsense Account Disapprove and your appeal got rejected?

Hey Guys I am asking these questions on google many times
"If My Adsense account disapproved, Can i use other adsense account to connect with my YouTube channel? and My first AdSense account is disabled and also demonetization of YouTube channel can I make a new AdSense account and link it with the YouTube channel?"

But I didn't get an answer anymore. But finally, I do some research and got answers to these questions.

Why Adsense Disable Your Accounts:

First of all, let me tell you "Why Adsense disapproved your account".Adsense is very strict to their advertisers and publishers terms, if you do these mistakes on your Blogs/YouTube they disable your account.
  • If you are clicking ads on your own site or Youtube channels.
  • If one user are clicking ads on your own site or YouTube Channel
  • If you are using paid traffic to your site or Channel ( like Bot traffic ).  
  • Tell your audience to click on your ads for supporting you.
  • Ads Placement on Pornographic, mature, or adult content.
Read Details Here⇗

What should you do?:

Sometimes Adsense automated systems disapprove your site or channel by mistake. In this case, you can appeal to retract your Adsense account again.

How to Appeal On Adsense 

First of all, sign to your email address related to AdSense account ⋙Goto Adsense Appeal form Page⇗ and Enter your name, your Publisher code⇗ (Pub-id), your contact email address, and other details then accept to their T&C and submit your form. This may take some time to inform if your account can get back or not.

If account was disabled and your appeal was denied. Can You Link other Adsense to Your YouTube channel?

No, Very sad to say you if once your adsense got disable on your youtube channel and your appeal got rejected there is no way to reinstate(recover) your account or connect your other adsense account to your youtube channel.


You have to create another youtube channel with a completely different Gmail address and create a new Adsense account then connect to itYou can use your previous channel name. 

If my AdSense Account was banned, can I use the same Domain with a new AdSense account (For Blogs)?

Let me clear you that Adsense Account is not relaying on Domain names or website names anymore. It is only associated with your email id and identity cards (Passport, Pan Card, or Driving Licence). So "Yes" you can use other approved Adsense account to connect your site with Adsense. But before submitting this you have to keep in mind that 
  • Your website that is associated with your domain, has a significant number of posts/content.
  • Your website doesn't violate Google Adsense Policy in short "TOS of Google AdSense⇗".
  • You have removed all of your miscellaneous contents and copyrighted materials

FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Can I approve Adsense only on my YouTube Channel 

Yes, you can approve your youtube channel without having an approved website or blog. It is not Must a blog or website for the Adsense account to be approved first.

My AdSense account disabled for the Hindi website what is next?

As I describe above first, you have to check if you have been disapproved for a real reason. if not you can appeal to Adsense Here⇗ 

My website was disapproved by Adsense despite of having over 200+ unique articles What can be the reason?

So sad, Adsense is very strict with their policy. If you break a single policy they will disable your account in your case you have received a detailed email with why they disable your account or which policy is violated by you. In my opinion, you first read this article to know what are not allowed on Adsense here⇗   


Thank you for being to the end of this article I have explained How to re-enable your AdSense if your Adsense disapproved. Why Adsense disable/disapprove your account, what should you do when your account does not recover that is associated with your youtube channel.

Disclaimer: We are not speaking for Google or anyone working in the AdSense department. Additionally, we are not legal experts. Any advice given regarding AdSense or legal issues should not be construed as legal advice. Consult legal counsel if you have any questions regarding the advice above. Thank you.

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